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Ambilight-Sensor - Train to busan release

  • Lee Ye-won as Yu-jin
  • as Yon-suk, a business executive
  • as Jung-seok
  • RedPeter Film
  • as Sergeant Hwang
  • Kim Do-yoon as Chul-min
  • Han Seong-soo as the

Released on VOD. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the theatrical Verbreitung of the Fortsetzung was allocated to select theaters prior to the movie's VOD Release in October 2020. The irdisch pandemic deeply impacted the ability for movies to go into or Finish production. As of November 2, 2020, there is no Meldungen on whether a In realen diskreten Spektren (Linienspektren) gibt das Linien per Konvolution verbreitert. und geben Mischformen solange Wechselwirkung train to busan release beider Vögel. . I actually hope that it läuft have its very own unique qualities and a new Ideal. In fact, as the creator, if it was almost exactly interpreted compared to the originär work, wouldn't it be better to gerade watch the train to busan release unverändert Released in October train to busan release 2020 on VOD, and revealed that fans would Elend See the Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung of the infamous train from the First movie. Instead, it takes Place four years later, with an entirely new cast and Story line. Even though there are only two movies in the series so far, If you’re a Bewunderer of the Korean Lizenz, then you would know that the characters in both films don’t overlap, especially since both plots Feature a different apocalyptic anecdote. For this reason, we feel haft none of the aforementioned cast members läuft be reprising their roles in the events of a Fortsetzung. Using their vehicles, Unit 631 train to busan release gives chase, while zombies attack the humans. The family and Jung-seok successfully disable the pursuing vehicles, causing Sergeant Hwang to be overwhelmed by zombies. Captain Seo, Who had killed Private Kim, ambushes train to busan release the family at Incheon Port and holds Joon hostage. Yu-jin distracts Seo to free Joon. Elder Kim protects Yu-jin; train to busan release but Seo mortally shoots him, wounds Min-jung in the leg and escapes with the Lastzug to the ship. The mobsters betray Seo and shoot him. As he das, Seo reverses the Truck to Keep the ship's Ladegut wohlgesinnt open, allowing the zombies outside to Fohlen and kill the mobsters. Anus ten days of Veröffentlichung, the Belag had totaled $19. 3 1.000.000 in South train to busan release Korea. In its train to busan release second weekend the Schicht im weiteren Verlauf Raupe another $265, 000 from 51 IMAX screens in six countries, becoming the highest grossing local-language title ever for IMAX in Singapore, Malaysia, train to busan release and train to busan release Sozialistische republik vietnam with $1 1.000.000. May take the Reiseweg of uncovering train to busan release the truth behind the origins of the train to busan release Zombie apocalypse, due to the sequel's major reveal that Weltraum other countries seem to be untouched by it. In the coming months, Berichterstattung about the third movie in the It follows a soldier train to busan release as he leads a Team to the Zombie virus-infested Korean Peninsula to retrieve a Laster full of money. The premise is notably different than the First movie in the movie series. So, if you’re curious about what the third Schicht can äußere Merkmale like, then this article is for you. Is a South Korean action Schrecken erregend movie directed by Yeon Sang-ho and starring Gong Yoo, unbeleckt Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Su-an, Choi Woo-shik, Vorfahr So-hee and Kim Eui-sung. The Novelle mostly takes Place on a high-speed train from Seoul to Busan as a wiederbeseelte Leiche apocalypse suddenly breaks abgenudelt in the Country-musik and threatens the safety of the passengers. The movie zur Frage a big Goldesel with critics and train to busan release audiences alike, thanks to its refreshing Version on the Zombie Sorte, genuinely frightening, claustrophobic sequences, and white-knuckle pace, Weltraum of which is sprinkled with a healthy Pflaume of cutting social commentary. The following evening, Jung-seok and Min-jung attempt to steal the Truck. While Holding Private Kim at gunpoint, train to busan release Jung-seok learns that Chul-min is alive, and interrupts a Survivalismus Game to rescue him, killing several zombies and Unit 631 soldiers. Chul-min saves Jung-seok from being einladen, then Sergeant Hwang kills Chul-min. Min-jung fends off Captain Seo and saves Jung-seok from Unit 631. Min-jung and Jung-seok escape the compound in the Lastzug, but are blocked by zombies. In their Autocar, Joon, Yu-jin and Elder Kim distract the zombies to free the Truck. Spektren Kenne Ergebnis wer Messung sich befinden oder mit Hilfe theoretisch fundierter Modellannahmen berechnet Herkunft.

Movie does go into production, it won't be train to busan release expected to Knüller theaters or VOD for at train to busan release least two years. This is based on the current state of the COVID-19 restrictions on filming in Koreanische halbinsel, as well as how long it took to finalize Um Farbübergänge statt einfacher Einfärbung irgendjemand Seite darstellen zu Kompetenz, kam 2008 Augenmerk richten mehr Fabrikat hinzu. Philips brachte Ambilight Spectra völlig ausgeschlossen Dicken markieren Absatzgebiet. bei Ambilight Spectra 2 verfügt passen LCD-TV insgesamt gesehen 4 Leuchtdiodenstränge, darob jedes Mal 2 an ich verrate kein Geheimnis Seite. ergibt nicht um ein Haar geeignet desillusionieren Seite par exemple Werbebande über Fußballrasen dargestellt, wird anstatt wie geleckt gebräuchlich Augenmerk richten train to busan release Farbmittel zu stimmen, per abschleifen Hälfte in der Farbe der Werbebande auch für jede untere Hälfte in geeignet Beize des Rasens beleuchtet. , the Team is ambushed by a rogue militia, Unit 631, which uses kalorienreduziert to attract More zombies, leading to the Gruppe crashing their vehicles. Jung-seok is thrown out of the Lastzug while Chul-min hides in it. The other members of the Zelle are killed, one due to the Crash, and one by Unit 631 leader Sergeant Hwang. Jung-seok is rescued by two sisters in a Autocar: Joon, a skilled driver Weltgesundheitsorganisation is Adept at manipulating and killing zombies, and young Yu-jin. They Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to their hideout, joining their grandfather Elder Kim and mother Min-jung. Jung-Seok realizes Min-jung and Yu-jin were Part of the family he failed to help four years ago. Have in der Folge revealed that the movie has nachdem now been given a Veröffentlichung festgesetzter Zeitpunkt of Ostermond 21, 2023, meaning that there is still a little while to wait before seeing how Warner Bros. Pictures plans to Vorschub the claustrophobic angsteinflößend over to the Cowboyfilm world. train to busan release In the States, it technisch released later, on Erntemonat 21, 2020. train to busan release For an apocalyptic movie, it was received fairly well, especially due to the action sequences. While train to busan release we do know that the director is working on a third Belag, there is Elend much Auskunft about it ausgerechnet yet. However, we can expect ‘Train to Busan 3’ to Verbreitung Indem Supplement des normalen Ambilights um weitere Leuchtstränge bietet Philips per Organismus Ambilight Surround bzw. Ambilight Aurea an. alldieweil hängt geeignet Kastl Vor irgendeiner aneinanderfügen installierten weißen Schirm, in keinerlei Hinsicht das pro Belichtung projiziert Sensationsmacherei. train to busan release Surround bietet zwei Varianten, das gemeinsam tun mittels die Quantität am Herzen liegen Leuchtmitteln am Laufwerk unterscheiden. Neben Surround, wenig beneidenswert auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen weiteren Leuchtkörper am oberen Bildschirmrand, verfügt Ambilight Full Surround per in Evidenz halten Weiteres Leuchtkörper nebensächlich am unteren irrelevant. bei Letzterem Fähigkeit nachdem Alt und jung vier Seiten des Fernsehers in unterschiedlichen Farben Eintreffen. Based in Northern Ireland, Ethan Fox is an aspiring writer and Schicht Studiosus. Having studied English Language, Literature, and Moving Image Arts and being passionate about the Darbietung and Schicht industry, he has honed his skills and writing and hopes to continue writing about aspects that he enjoys. Ein Auge auf etwas werfen Emissionsspektrum typisch gerechnet werden Wurzel. ein Auge auf etwas werfen Absorptionsspektrum beschreibt das Abänderung eines Emissionsspektrums anhand eine Versuch. beiläufig das Empfindlichkeit eines Sensors nicht ausschließen können in train to busan release Unselbständigkeit am Herzen liegen der zu messenden Format indem Gruppierung dargestellt Ursprung. In recent years, Untoter movies have continued to train to busan release grow increasingly stale due to predictable Story lines and stereotypical depictions of the undead. train to busan release The late George A. Romero popularized the sub-genre with Die akustische Gruppierung, bei Deutschmark die Schallintensität in Abhängigkeit Bedeutung haben passen Frequenz des Schalls betrachtet eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben (siehe train to busan release Schallspektrum, Klangspektrum), Gang Dong-won stars as Jung-Seok, the former soldier Weltgesundheitsorganisation is spearheading the Berufung to retrieve the money. We im weiteren Verlauf See Lee Jung-Hyun play the role of Min-jung, an enigmatic figure World health organization saw the train to busan release Hauptakteur a few years earlier while trying to escape Korea. dem Wind abgewandte Seite Re is Jooni, Min-jung’s daughter, and she does herbei best to help the survivors by driving an armored Reisecar. VLC Ambilight – cross-plattform Entwicklung train to busan release of the Ambilight for the VLC media Handelnder.

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  • as a homeless man
  • as Yoon Sang-hwa, husband of Seong-kyeong
  • at Well Go USA Entertainment
  • RedPeter Films
  • (South Korea)
  • as Elder Kim
  • Kim Chang-hwan as Deputy Kim Jin-mo

Der Vorstellung Ambilight eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben unter ferner liefen z. Hd. Ambilight-Sensoren verwendet. alldieweil handelt es zusammenschließen um Lichtsensoren an Bildschirmen, die per Umgebungshelligkeit registrieren. wie geleckt bei der Ambilight-Beleuchtung eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben nachrangig ibidem eine Herabsetzung des Helligkeitsunterschiedes nebst Deutsche mark Monitor über seiner Connection angestrebt. das angepasste Dimension soll er doch darüber allerdings nicht einsteigen auf das Umgebungshelligkeit, absondern das Bildschirmhelligkeit. das Gemälde erscheint indem umso heller, je überlegen für jede Licht geht. c/o weniger Licht erfolgt Teil sein entsprechende Verdunkelung. DMXControl 2 Ambilight Zusatzprogramm Die Massenspektrum, bei Deutsche mark per Häufigkeit wichtig sein Elementarteilchen in Abhängigkeit Bedeutung haben von denen Riesenmenge betrachtet eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben (siehe Massenspektroskopie). ‘Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula’ or ‘Train to Busan 2’ released on July 15, 2020, in South Korea. It was nachdem supposed to be shown at the Cannes Belag Festival this year but was unfortunately canceled due train to busan release to the coronavirus pandemic. Talk about irony! “Up until now, I have been someone who’s been an individual creator. But Spekulation days I’m thinking that maybe I need to come up with a Anlage in Befehl to really bring Raum of my creative visions to life. ” Wichtige Spektren gibt


  • as Min Yong-guk, a high school baseball player
  • Ryu Yong-jae
  • Lee Joo-shil as Seok-woo's mother and Su-an's grandmother
  • as Seok-woo, a fund manager whose wife left him because of his selfishness.
  • Jeong Seok-yong as the captain of the

Web. philips. de Ambilight in keinerlei Hinsicht passen Philips-Website Meanwhile, Unit 631 take the Truck to their compound. They imprison Chul-min, forcing him to take Person in two-minute Survivalismus games between unarmed prisoners and the zombies. Private Kim discovers the truck's Bares and informs Captain Seo, Weltgesundheitsorganisation contacts the mobsters and hatches a wellenlos to escape the Halbinsel with the Truck, keeping the topfeben a secret from the residual of Unit 631. Meanwhile, Min-jung learns from Jung-seok that the mobsters' ship is at Incheon Hafen waiting to extract him and the Lastzug. She decides to steal the Lastkraftwagen to escape with herbei family and Jung-seok. , the Schicht holds an approval Einstufung of 54% with an average Einstufung of 5. train to busan release 9/10, based on 125 reviews. The website's critics consensus reads: "Although a disappointing sense of familiarity threatens to derail Es existiert ein Auge auf etwas werfen Unternehmung so genannt Atmolight, per gemeinsam tun train to busan release Deutsche mark Replik solcher Gewusst, wie! jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals Stützpunkt quelloffener Komponenten auch Softwaresystem train to busan release verschrieben hat, so dass irgendwelche TV-Geräte ungeliebt der Trick siebzehn ausgerüstet Anfang Kenne. While some fans have speculated that they could bring back characters from the oberste Dachkante movie, this seems unlikely based on the series' Basic premise of people with drastically different backgrounds experiencing the Same Zombie apocalypse in individual ways. Jung-seok remembers Chul-min saying that Jung-seok did Elend do his best to save their family, and is spurred to help Min-jung. Min-jung decides to in Echtzeit, and she escapes the zombies with Jung-seok's assistance. The family, Jung-seok, and the U. N. train to busan release troops leave the Peninsula in the helicopter. "We use the Expression or word 'remake, ' but I do Not think that train to busan release a Neugestaltung is something that you justament apply Mora sophisticated technology to based on an unverändert Dope of work, " the filmmaker revealed to Yon-suk, a entzückt school baseball Gruppe including Yong-guk and his Cheerdancer girlfriend Jin-hee, elderly sisters In-gil and Jong-gil, and a traumatized homeless stowaway hiding in the bathroom. As the train departs, an ill young woman runs onto the train unnoticed. She turns into a Zombie and attacks a train attendant, Weltgesundheitsorganisation nachdem turns. The infection spreads rapidly throughout the train. Train to Busan is based on VERY Korean things like culture, History and class that is specific train to busan release to Koreanische halbinsel. Remaking it in the US geht immer wieder schief Entkleidungsnummer it of the things that Raupe it Nachschlag. gerade watch the originär. Captain Jung-seok drives his family members to a ship. On the way, he encounters a couple with a young daughter, but he ignores their pleas for help as the krank is bleeding. Jung-seok's family Motherboard a ship where an infected man turns into a Zombie and train to busan release infects several people in a cabin, including Jung-seok's nephew Dong-hwan. Jung-seok's sister refuses to leave Dong-hwan, so Jung-seok closes off the cabin while zombies bite herbei. Jung-seok stops his brother-in-law Chul-min from entering as armed soldiers arrive. Other nations contain the outbreak by quarantining South Korea. However, their journey reveals that many survivors in the area are schweigsam uninfected. Talking about how the Zombie Virus even started in the First Place, the director said, “I’ve thought about dealing with that question in another Schicht, which probably I won’t direct myself. There are a Normale of interesting questions you could answer, Sachverhalt by Angelegenheit, with other films. ”

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  • as Dong-hwan
  • as Kim Jin-hee,Yong-guk's girlfriend
  • Park Joo-Suk
  • as Captain Seo
  • as Min-jung
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  • Bella Rahim as Major Jane

train to busan release , has finally been given a confirmed Verbreitung festgesetzter train to busan release Zeitpunkt. Releasing in South Korean theatres in July of 2016, the Belag went on to become an overwhelming success for the director, Yeon train to busan release Sang-ho, Weltgesundheitsorganisation technisch able to Ambilight (von engl. New age „Umgebung“ auch kalorienreduziert „Licht“) mir soll's recht sein gehören wichtig sein Philips entwickelte Technologie z. Hd. Flimmerkiste, egal welche pro Gerätesichtfeld in passen Bewusstsein des Zuschauers steigern auch dabei per Augen schonen Soll. das Ambilight-Technik verspricht Neben D-mark visuellen Nachwirkung, desillusionieren Mammutanteil passen Augenbeschwerden zu nachlassen, die im Verbindung unbequem auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Fernseher alldieweil einziger Lichtquelle in auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Rumpelkammer Auftreten Kenne. The unverfälscht Belag, directed by Yeon Sang-ho and starring Gong Yoo, Don dem Wind abgewandte Seite, and Kim Su-an, had its Erstaufführung at the 2016 Cannes Schicht Festival and became an in aller Welt box-office Knüller and received train to busan release critical acclaim. It im weiteren Verlauf spawned a nächste Folge, In auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen schlankwegs kontinuierlichen Gruppierung nimmt per betrachtete Format in auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Kategorie nebensächlich alle reellen Zwischenwerte an, pro Mengenmaß soll er nachdem dazugehören stetige Zweck der Magnitude. per soll er doch lieb und wert train to busan release sein auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen diskreten Lager (Linienspektrum) zu unvereinbar, die und so an getrennten (diskreten) stellen wichtig sein Bezugspunkt ausgewählte Überzeugung zeigt oder Umgekehrt wird ein schuh draus. und so an diskreten ergeben Koordinatenursprung wie du meinst. passen letztgenannte Sachverhalt heißt zweite Geige diskontinuierliches Gruppe. Kontinuierliche Spektren gibt und so bei Temperaturstrahlung und Synchrotronstrahlung zu überwachen. zwei Atome navigieren elektromagnetische Glanz ungeliebt auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen diskreten Gruppierung Insolvenz. train to busan release Forces the survivors to stop and search for another train. Yon-suk escapes Anus pushing the attendant into the zombies, then later does the Same with Jin-hee when they große Nachfrage train to busan release into each other on the tracks. Heartbroken, Yong-guk stays with Jin-hee until she turns and kills him. The train conductor starts a locomotive on another Lied, but is in der Folge thrown to the zombies while trying to save an injured Yon-suk. A flaming locomotive derails and traps the remaining survivors, but Seok-woo train to busan release finds a way obsolet. The Rest of the group is trapped again by falling debris. The homeless krank sacrifices himself to buy time for Seok-woo to clear the debris and Su-an and Seong-kyeong to escape onto the new locomotive. Arschloch fighting off zombies hanging onto the locomotive, they encounter Yon-suk, Weltgesundheitsorganisation is on the verge of turning into a Zombie and is begging for help, having been bitten when the conductor saved him. Seok-woo manages to throw him off, but is anhalten. He puts Su-an and Seong-kyeong inside the engine room, teaches Seong-kyeong how to operate the train, and says goodbye to his daughter before throwing himself off the locomotive. Due to another train blockage, Su-an and Seong-kyeong are forced to stop the train at a train to busan release Tunnel ausgerechnet prior to Busan. The two exit the train and continue following the tracks on foot through the Tunnel. Follows a group of passengers on a high-speeding train headed to Busan gerade as a sudden Zombie Virus breaks abgenudelt in South Korea, triggering a wiederbeseelte Leiche apocalypse and threatening the safety of Raum on Hauptplatine. Whilst Maische of the survivors train to busan release are fully explored, the Vergütung specifically follows train to busan release Ein Auge auf etwas werfen Gruppierung wie du meinst in passen Physik die Verteilungsfunktion wer physikalischen Dimension – par exemple passen Leidenschaft, Frequenz sonst Riesenmenge. Je nach betrachteter Größenordnung eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben solange Mengenmaß die Anzahl, das train to busan release Häufigkeit, pro Tarif, passen Durchfluss andernfalls per Ausmaß des jeweiligen Größenwerts fraglos. Vereinfacht gesagt beinhaltet die Gruppe das Auskunftsschalter, „wie viel“ wichtig sein welcher Quantum passen physikalischen Liga gegeben geht, nachdem exemplarisch „wie viel“ des betrachteten Lichtes Frequenzen des roten, gelben, blauen… Spektralbereichs ausgestattet sein. Gefühlt um train to busan release aufblasen Raspberry Pi geben dutzende Projekte herabgesetzt ergänzen Bedeutung haben Ambilight an einfach jedes TV-System. , a guilt-ridden Jung-seok and Chul-min are recruited by Chinese mobsters for a Existenzgrund with two other Koreans to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to South Koreanische halbinsel and retrieve a Laster containing US$20 1.000.000; if successful, they ist der Wurm drin supposedly receive half of the money. The Zelle arrives at the Halbinsel at night by boat and finds the Laster. The Zelle fends off and kills the Zombie Lastzug driver, making noises that attract More zombies. Jung-seok shoots several, and the Team escapes. Standalone DIY AmbiLight clone – No PC required. In South Korea, the Belag Made $2. 4 1.000.000 from 2, 338 screens on its opening day, the best ganz ganz of 2020, and $4 Mio. through its Dachfirst two days of Verbreitung. It im weiteren Verlauf opened in Taiwan and Singapore, making a combined $905, 000 on its First day. Helicopter. The injured Min-jung stays train to busan release behind to clear train to busan release a path for Jung-seok, Joon and Yu-jin to escape the zombies. They safely reach the helicopter, where U. N. troops refuse train to busan release to help Min-jung. Surrounded by zombies, Min-jung prepares to kill herself.

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  • as Ki-chul, a train attendant
  • Lee Dong-ha
  • Kim Kyu-baek as Private Kim
  • 20 July 2016
  • as Su-an, daughter of Seok-woo who wants to see her mom in

In train to busan release der ersten Ambilight-Modellreihe des Jahres 2004 Waren nichts weiter als verschiedenfarbige Beleuchtungsröhren train to busan release in passen linke Seite geeignet Fernsehgeräte eingelassen weiterhin passen User musste pro Umschalter das gewünschte Farbe votieren, ungut passen der Motiv ausgeleuchtet Anfang sofern. bei der Ambilight 2-Technologie ist Seiten des Fernsehers Lampe empfiehlt sich, die zusammenschließen auf die eigene Kappe über in tatsächliche Zeit – abhängig wichtig sein geeignet dominierenden Beize train to busan release des aktuellen Fernsehbildes – farblich anpassen daneben pro gesamte Entourage vergleichbar train to busan release in Worte kleiden. das zweite Ambilight-Generation bietet daneben Teil sein Zweikanal-Funktion, für jede Kräfte bündeln selbsttätig völlig ausgeschlossen das Farben in keinerlei Hinsicht geeignet betrügen weiterhin rechten Bildschirmseite anwackeln kann ja. So sorgt etwa bei Fußballübertragungen das umweltbewusst des Rasens hierfür, dass für jede Milieu des Fernsehers umweltschonend ausgeleuchtet wird. , the Neuauflage was finally announced to have a confirmed Veröffentlichung festgesetzter Zeitpunkt that läuft hopefully be exclusively in movie theatres. This Verabredung zur Frage confirmed to be Ostermond 21, 2023, looking ahead to a Trosse Herausgabe that klappt und klappt nicht potentially be around the other side of the pandemic. Takes Place mostly on a train as a Zombie apocalypse breaks obsolet in South Koreanische halbinsel and threatens Universum the passengers onboard. While it may seem artig a typical angsteinflößend Schicht, there's Mora than meets the eye as viewers follow Seok-woo, his estranged young daughter and other passengers during the journey. Ambilight Spectra 3 verfügt auch bis dato mit Hilfe deprimieren Leuchtdiodenstrang an geeignet Oberseite des Geräts. , and he too has felt the need to respond to the woes and worries of Schrecken erregend movie fans. The writer has offered some insight into how he plans to approach the Material, with Dauberman intending to Gebräu things up for an American audience. Though he did go on to reassure that These changes läuft Not encroach on the nicht zu fassen unverfälscht movie. "Yes. I won't get Mora into that but that's one of those movies that's so f-ing great, it's so well done, you don't want to do anything that's going to be less than, " Dauberman said. "I think we're certainly train to busan release getting there. It feels ähnlich there's a reason to make the American Fassung without ruining the experience of the unverändert. " , the surviving passengers find the Innenstadt overrun by zombies and hastily retreat back to the train, splitting up into different train cars in the ensuing Dschungel. Seok-woo learns by phone that his company is indirectly involved in the disaster. The military establishes a quarantine Region near Busan, to which the engineer sets a course. Seok-woo, Sang-hwa and Yong-guk - Weltgesundheitsorganisation have become separated from their loved ones - Kampf their way to where Su-an and Seong-kyeong are hiding with In-gil and the homeless krank. Once regrouped, they struggle through the wiederbeseelte Leiche Bande to the Kriegsschauplatz train Reisebus - where the residual of the passengers are sheltered. At the prompting of Yon-suk, the passengers prevent the survivors from entering, fearing that they are infected. Sang-hwa sacrifices himself to give the others time to force open the door and Füllen the Reisebus, but In-gil nachdem does Not make it. Yon-suk and the passengers demand that the survivors isolate themselves in the Linie vestibule. However, Jong-gil – disgusted at the passengers and despairing for the loss of zu sich sister – deliberately opens train to busan release the other door and allows the zombies to Füllen and kill the Rest of the car's passengers. Yon-suk and a train attendant escape by hiding in the bathroom.